Case Studies


Here’s a selection of Readcity’s previous work.

Meet the Readcity Renegades – AKA a bunch of legends I’ve had the pleasure of whipping word magic up for.

Madison Kat

Danielle has given us so much clarity.

“Danielle has been fantastic to work with. Working with our initial brief she uncovered our business’s strengths, point of difference and helped us define our target market. She then promptly delivered a comprehensive package to help us deliver our brand to market with clarity and revived energy. We wouldn’t have known where to start, but Danielle has given us so much clarity, brought loads of creativity to the table and shown us why each task will help us. Thank you so much!”

Guy SaminMadison Kat, Band
Madison Kat 1


Madison Kat is a party-centric 9-piece band first established in 1968, with sons and nephews taking over from their fathers and uncles. Madison Kat has performed internationally for events, weddings, corporate hire and everything in between.


Although these rockers have been jamming for over 50 years, their online presence hadn’t kept up with their growing fanbase. MK knew they needed a professional online presence to showcase why they should be hired, who they’re perfect for and how they’re different to other cover bands in the area.


Collaboratively, we developed an easy to use Voice Guide for each member of the brand to use when creating content for their band and communicating with customers. We’re also currently working on SEO-optimised website copy to help the brand reach a wider audience through their website. This includes targeting potential bookers from around Australia.

  • Voice Style Guide

  • Email Templates

  • Pitching Documents

Excerpt from the Madison Kat Voice Guide:

“Imagine your ultimate playlist from the 70’s ’til now. Then add a sweet horn section, a coupla cheeky jokes, four moustaches and you’ve basically summed us up. Hey party animal – we’re Madison Kat! A mix of passionate musos, larrikins, groovers and one jumping trombone player. We’ve been keeping stages warm, floors full and ears happy since the late 1960s.”

Rock N Slide Skateboarding

Rock n Slide Skateboardind - Readcity Writing

[Danielle] truly embraced our brand

“We joined forces with Danielle from Readcity  to transform our site and find our voice! We struggled to put the words together and to get our true message across but Danielle was able to take what we had and give the site the facelift it needed! She understood and truly embraced our brand, business and vision. She doesn’t take on a client without truly experiencing what the brand or business is about!”

Jesse NoonanRock N Slide Skateboarding, Skateboarding School


Jesse Noonan is Head Honcho at Rock N Slide Skateboarding, a Gold Coast-based skateboarding school teaching kids aged 2-16 how to skate like legends. He’s also a Pro Skater who travels the globe competing in skate comps and is Australia’s only Pro Skater with a limited edition Santa Cruz board.


While Rock N Slide’s business was thriving, they craved a more strategised online presence for their website to differentiate themselves in the market, clarify their messaging, appear higher in search engines and a way to communicate their larger than life brand personality.


Readcity Writing developed key brand messaging, a voice guide and website copy to encapsulate the lot. This resulted in number 1 Google rankings for key terms and a more cohesive brand voice. We’ll kick flip to that.

  • Voice Style Guide

  • SEO-Optimised Website Copywriting

  • Home
  • About
  • Meet Our Coaches
  • SkateAdvantage
  • Kids Parties
  • School Programs

Excerpt from About Page Copy:

“We take safety seriously and it’s our top priority.

Our skateboarding students wear:

  • Melon Protectors [Helmets]

  • Knee Turtles [Knee Pads]

  • Shaka Savers [Wrist Guards]

  • Buck-Buck Covers [Elbow Pads]”

Stevie Jean Jewellery

Stevia Jean - Readcity Writing

Her effortless style of writing has always resonated with us

“We have had the pleasure of working with Danielle for many years now and she has always understood and aligned with our brand. Earlier this year she supported us through one of our biggest business decisions in 7 years – Rebranding. Her effortless style of writing has always resonated with us and we were able to create a new tone, style and voice for our business. She is a wordsmith wizard and transformed our site.”

Samara BaunachStevie Jean, Jewellery Brand


Stevie Jean Jewellery (formerly Wild Heart Jewellery) is a Gold Coast-based jewellery brand run by mother-daughter duo, Julie and Samara. SJ specialises in modern, minimalist pieces – an ode to the modern revolutionary.


Stevie Jean wanted to seamlessly relaunch their business with a new message, tone and direction to appeal to a global market.


Readcity Writing created a relaunch announcement piece, wrote new product descriptions and the Stevie Jean About Page. We also assisted with a new collection launch, using SJ’s new brand voice. This resulted in SJ’s audience warmly receiving their new direction and a clear transition into the new brand.

Website Copywriting

  • About Page
  • Product Descriptions
  • Rebrand Announcement Article
  • DUNE Collection Launch Article


  • Website Pages

Excerpt from DUNE Collection Launch Article:

“Crooked temple bones, washed with the rippling of glittered earth… Lost kingdoms now caressed by sand-swept waves, and the beating Sahara sun. Secret relics spill free. The dusty sand-storm rolls on, unearthing shining treasures in its wake. Whirring white noise and whipping – a hazed horizon her next conquest.

When Julie and Samara rediscovered Ancient Egyptian jewels, they became infatuated. Raw femininity and rich stories… Celestial sirens and the resurgence of forgotten histories.

DUNE rewrites Arabian tales – this time, goddesses awake, roam and conquer.”

Read more here.

Cara Harjes Art

You went above and beyond!

“Whoa whoa whoa!  Danielle, the voice guide is out of this world!  It will be majorly transformative in guiding my content! THANK YOU!!!! I am simply blown away and grateful! You went above and beyond my expectations. I feel like I took a crash course in web presence!”
Cara HarjesCara Harjes Art, Denver-Based Artist


Cara Harjes is the creation of Denver-based, Intuitive Artist, Cara Harjes. Cara’s art pieces are designed to evoke emotions of the raw realitites of life – finding beauty and light in even the darkest of times.


Cara reached an exciting time in her business, morphing from selling her pieces, to opening her own studio for workshops and collaborations. Cara craved simple, clear messaging across all of her platforms to show her local audience what she was all about in a consistently ‘Cara’ way.


I (Danielle – hi), met with Cara via Zoom to explore her deeply personal story and how this has influenced her business. As a young widow with two children, Cara felt it was important to share her message as an extension of her brand. We approached this topic with sensitivity and gently wove it into Cara’s key brand voice elements. By exploring the juxtaposition of light, dark, happiness and heartache, we created a brand voice for Cara Harjes art that celebrates all of life’s edges.

  • Voice Guide

Excerpt from Voice Guide

“Dancing clouds in teacups. Seaside ripples lapping at tired toes. A chirping song through windows at five past six in the morning. Soggy cereal and slammed doors. 

Listen, can you hear it? 

Your craziest beautifulest thoughts, experiences, memories may crack and wrinkle. They may drip from eyes and paintbrushes alike. In all their messy glory. The kind of messy glory you find in crumpled love notes and broken hearts. In “too long between phone calls” – then the end of the dial tone.”

Zephyr et Luna

Zephyr et Luna Readcity Casestudy

I could not have dreamed of a better experience with a copywriter

“Working with Danielle was the best investment I made for my photography company. She understood right away what I was looking for, her answers were very timely and she had an amazing communication. She explained everything she did and I could not have dreamed of a better experience with a copywriter. If you’re looking for the perfect copywriter for you, look no further, you’ve found her!”

Amber PeyrottyZephyr et Luna, France-Based Wedding Photographer


Zephyr et Luna is headed by France-Based Wedding Photographer, Amber Peyrotty. Amber’s a nature-inspired tale teller specialising in enchanting weddings for poetic couples.


Despite her highly regarded reputation in the industry, and being awarded as one of the top 3 photographers in the world, Amber struggled to communicate her brand’s key difference from others. Amber was searching for ‘words that sing,’ a way to get her content in front of more eyes and to connect with her ideal couples. 


Readcity Writing crafted a melodic voice for Zephyr et Luna, drawing from ancient tales, poetry and nature (Amber’s ideal client’s deepest loves of all). Exploring Amber’s magical brand qualities and mystical niche, we honed in her message to clearly community what she does, for who – and why her ideal bride should choose her for their big day.

  • SEO-Optimised Website Copywriting

  • Home
  • About
  • Services (Including Service Naming)

Excerpt from About Page Copy

“Your love story is truly one of a kind – 

a tale of adoration and adventure…

Let’s awaken your imagination… How will your wedding day feel? Perhaps like stirring butterflies, or sweet summer rain on warm skin – the calm unfurling of autumn leaves… Like true love’s first kiss – or uncovered magical treasures, hidden deep within ancient lands.

Together we’ll capture your wedding through eyes of times passed.”

Read more, here.

Karratha Social Co.

Karratha Social Co Logo

“I don’t even know where to begin here. Danielle, you’ve understood me and my brand better than anyone else on the planet including myself.

Every brief had me in stitches (just the way I like it). I’ve been referring you to anyone and everyone since day one. I’m already looking forward to working with you again in the coming months. Thank you a million times over, thank you.”

Meagain LonerganKarratha Social Co., WA Marketing Agency

Ziggarty Apparel

Danielle is a must if you want to set up a solid foundation for success, she will implement the plan and tools you require to focus on awesome results, we highly recommend her if you’re serious about successful copywriting for your brand.”

Steven NichollsZiggarty


Willy Nicholls is a renowned Australian surfboard artist, widely known throughout the surfing industry for his airbrushing work on surfboards, having mastered the art over 29+ years. Along with his brother, Steve, the pair work from Currumbin’s Mt Woodgee surf shack.


Willy, along with his brother Steve Nicholls set out on a new venture. Transforming Willy’s original art pieces into apparel, skateboards and accessories like bottles and bags. However they weren’t sure how to best communicate and position this brand from the ground up, to speak their audience’s language and reach them in new and innovative ways.


Readcity Writing created a Voice Guide and tagline (“All for art. Art for all”) for Ziggarty. We also explored the overall brand purpose, mission and point of difference, playing a role in the brand concept (increased accessibility and empowerment through art for the every day man). The team are now clear on the brand direction and position in the market.

Voice Style Guide


SEO Optimised Website Copywriting 

  • Home
  • About

Excerpt from Ziggarty’s Homepage

“For every time you were forced to wear a stiff button-up shirt with an itchy tag.

For every time you checked your watch during a mind-numbing team building activity.

For every time you wished you could hit the road instead of another letter on your keyboard.

Ziggarty is for you.”

Urban List Gold Coast

Urban List GC - Readcity Writing

There’s something pretty special about writing about your hometown – in your hometown – for the people of your hometown. I’ve been writing SEO-Optimised articles for Urban List since 2017, so you’ll find a fair few pieces with a Readcity signoff on ‘em.

Danielle always meets the brief and submits her work on time, if not earlier

“Danielle has been our longest continual and most frequent contributor at Urban List Gold Coast. She has been a delight to have on the team; always bringing her sunny, upbeat disposition to both her communications and writing. Danielle always meets the brief and submits her work on time, if not earlier, making her a breeze to work with. Her writing is witty, well researched and thorough and I have no hesitation recommending her to future clients in search of written content.”

Brooke Darling Urban List Gold Coast Editor

Here are some examples of articles written for Urban List:

Top Spots for Ramen on the Gold Coast

Adult Dance Classes to Get You Grooving

We’re sorry to break it to you, but your half-arsed sprinkler and shopping trolley novelty moves just aren’t cutting it anymore.

They were funny when everyone else was lawn mowering their way across the nightclub, but suddenly, you’ve had a look around and now it’s just you. Conga lines are a cool way to fill up a crap song, but a one-man conga line is just a sad person with invisible maracas worming their way through strangers.”

7 Ways to Have a Productive Lunch Break

5 Farms You Can Actually Visit On and Around The Gold Coast

4 New Japanese Izakayas to Check out Right Now

“Exploring Japan’s snaking, eatery-lined backstreets makes its way onto many a bucket list. Whether it’s to enjoy perfectly shareable eats bursting with new and interesting flavours—the pure joy found in following wafting aromas floating fragrantly through alleys, or simply to experience the inspirational honesty that is Japanese culture.”

Life HQ Wellness

Life HQ Wellness

Her suggestions for our terminology were on point

“Danielle is exceptional at what she does and managed to capture the true essence of what our brand is about – even more so than what we thought. Her suggestions for our terminology and ‘yes words’ were on point and we instantly felt comfortable that she understood how we were different. We are about to initiate the next 4 projects with Danielle as we can’t imagine her NOT doing them. Simplest decision ever. Thanks so much for your time and effort in bringing our brand to life!”

Krystle PapalucaLife HQ Wellness, Skincare Brand

The Latest

I not only have a clear brand voice, excellent copy and an idea of how to continue this going forward, but I have greater clarity on my brand identity, voice and target audience

“If you’re looking for the queen of communication (in copy, in client relationship and in project management) – look no further. Danielle lifts the hood on your brand and isn’t afraid to get her hands dirty in making the engine puuurrrrr (if you will)!

She has gone over and above for our project and I am so happy with our results. I not only have a clear brand voice, excellent copy and an idea of how to continue this going forward, but I have greater clarity on my brand identity, voice and target audience.

Don’t hesitate to book in for an adventurous and *fun* project with Danielle – you will be blown away with how excellent her process, communication and deliverables are!

100% recommend, will come again.”

Kate KarangesThe Latest, Photographer


Kate Karanges owns The Latest, a Brisbane-Based Photography business and the O.G. creator of Express ‘Shoots (10 minute pop-up photoshoots for brands).  She’s also one of the nicest humans you could meet, with big dreams for the future of her brand.


Kate’s bubbly, vivacious personality was clear through all of her reviews. The only problem was, her business’s copy wasn’t sounding like her. Kate wanted to clarify her brand’s messaging, pinpoint her industry differentiator and refine her voice so that it sounded more like what her brand is, not what she felt she needed to be.


In a highly collaborative process, we created a tagline for The Latest that encapsulated their rich love of helping bold brands share stories through imagery. From here we created a Voice Guide for The Latest’s team to use across all copy, as well as an About Page to capture the brand’s mission and personality. From here we developed a pitching guide in the brand’s voice and SEO-optimised existing website copy to increase the likelihood of discoverability for the business name.


Voice Guide

Website Copywriting

  • About Page

Pitching Guide

SEO Revamp

Excerpt from The Latest’s About Page:

“Meet Kate.

The minimalist coffee snob with an impressive plant collection and problematic fashion addiction (seriously, send help) who’s almost always drowning in ramen. 

Oh, she’s Founder at The Latest, too.”

Hayley Maree Transformation Coach

Haylee Maree Transformation Coach

She is fun, energetic, passionate and talented – what a combo!

“I have absolutely LOVED working through my latest website copy process with Danielle.  She is fun, energetic, passionate and talented – what a combo! I love all of my copy and have just loved the journey we have gone on together.  I feel Danielle really takes the time to get to know you and your biz which makes the end result amazing!” Read more here.

Hayley MareeTransformation Coach

Bravo Ballot

Bravo Ballot

I’ve been really impressed with not only the finished product but the extra mile that you have gone for us

“I want to thank you for all of your great work. I’ve been really impressed with not only the finished product but the extra mile that you have gone for us. I’d really like to use Readcity for future SaaS work! Everyone I have shown the copy to has loved it (including my staff and also future potential customers). I was at [mystery location] this morning with [mystery person] and a few other [mystery people] were there, and we were all talking about how much we love your work!”

Jake WebberBravoBallot, Employee of the Month Software


Jake Webber is the founder of SaaS Company BravoBallot – the fastest, simplest Employee of the Month Software in the world.


Having already established a successful SaaS business (Webbernet), Jake decided to launch a new software. BravoBallot simplifies the employee of the month process with an easy to use system. To get the word out, Jake needed a professional Sales Page that established them as a reputable brand. He also wanted to get staff excited about the voting process through uplifting emails. He just needed the words to do it.


Needing to balance professionalism and fresh, playful language, BravoBallot’s copy was multifaceted. The external copy was designed to appeal to corporate executives and HR Managers, while internal copy needed to be fun and excite employees to place their votes. We drew inspiration from brands like Xero and Mailchimp to create succinct, messaging across a Sales Page and Email Sequence revamp.

Home Page

Email Sequence Revamp

Excerpt from Homepage

“Sometimes winning the award isn’t even the best bit.

It’s being nominated by your peers, then having other people see that. Your new employee recognition software shares the good word with your whole team on your behalf.”

Read more here

Eleni Dracakis

Eleni Dracakis

You are awesome at your craft

“Thank you for taking time to understand me and my business. It shows that you’ve done your research and are awesome at your craft. As a Psychologist and business owner, I know just how important effective communication is… but let me tell you it is damn hard to write about yourself. Thank you Dan, and I can’t wait for our future collborations!”

Eleni DracakisBusiness Psychologist


Eleni Dracakis is a Business Psychologist dedicated to helping entrepreneurs and companies reach their next level. But she’s also a Netflix-bingeing, Greek food addict with a larger than life personality.


Eleni has a long history of study, experience and knowhow based on 10+ years in the Psychology space. Specialising in organisational psychology, Eleni was concerned that the preconceptions of her industry would seep into her brand. Instead, Eleni wanted to showcase her cheeky-yet-professional and approachable personality through copy on her website to show the real her to her ideal customers.


To craft compelling website copy that encapsulated Eleni’s fresh approach to business psychology, this project involved deep-diving into Eleni’s approachable personality, the results she’s had for current clients and the core benefits she can provide new business owners. We used conversational copy to accentuate her friendly nature and style. As a new business owner herself, we built a strong foundation for Eleni’s brand, positioning her as a professional in her field, while also capturing her vibrant personality.

Home Page

About Page

Services Page

Excerpt from Homepage:

“Is your business psyching you out?

Business Psychologist



‘People Scientist’ who inspires personal, professional and organisational change (AKA makes you a BOSS at what you do).”

Read more here.

The Founders Team

LEanne Webber

I found myself nodding along to the copy when I received the first draft

“Working with Danielle on my copy was such a fun and easy process. I found myself nodding along to the copy when I received the first draft and found myself wondering how she managed to pull all of the blabber out of my head and put it together so eloquently! Highly recommend working with Readcity!” Read more here.

Leanne WebberFounder of The Founders Team

Nardia Norman

Nardia Norman

Working with Danielle from Readcity was easy, fun but most importantly effective.

“I knew that I needed help with clarifying my brand USP and cultivating a strong voice that reflected my brand. Prior to working with Readcity I had done a lot of the work on my own, and it was okay-ish but Danielle elevated it to the next level and added a spark of uniqueness. She understood the essence of my brand and helped me to refine and craft an authentic, ‘cut through the BS’ voice. I now have the confidence to nail my messaging and I feel free to express my brand in a way that feels good. The missing piece in my business has now been filled thanks for Danielle.”

Nardia Norman


Nardia Norman is the Creator of Australasia’s first Female Health & Performance Training Certification for Personal Trainers, an international speaker and a qualified legend (no, seriously – she won an award and everything). She’s also a martini lover, movie buff and Miami local.


With over 20 years in the industry, Nardia had done a helluva lot of brand work over by the time she reached out to me. The only problem was, she didn’t feel like any of it sounded like her. And worse, she was worried she was fading into a sea of PT mentors because she didn’t know what made her truly different to everyone else.


Together we created a Voice Guide and tagline to position Nardia clearly as the No BS Fitness Business Mentor for Badass Women. From here we were able to craft an About and Homepage that communicated Nardia’s difference. Best of all, Nardia began to feel like she could embrace who she was instead of having to pretend to be someone else.

Voice Guide

Tagline Creation

Website Copywriting

  • Home Page
  • About Page

Excerpt from About Page

“Look, I’m gonna put it straight. You will need to put in the hard work. I’m definitely not for the faint-hearted. But the faint-hearted wouldn’t have made it this far down the page, so that’s obviously not you.”

Read more here.

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