Want your brand to stand out like Gene Simmons in a crowd of librarians?

I like your style. You’re ready to position your brand as an original *and* memorable industry leader, then sell the shiitake outta your stuff.

Only problem?

  • Words aren’t your thing
  • You overthink writing about yourself 
  • Perfectionism means DIYing your copy takes a bajillion years
  • You’re so close to your brand, you can’t see the whole album (let alone what song to play next)

And *even if* your fingertips start dancin’ on the keyboard, you feel like you’re wingin’ it.

Like, are your words *actually* in tune with your dream peeps?

Good news, rock star – *frisbees to you*

Here’s your VIP pass to building a memorable, original and personality-packed brand fuelled by strategy, psychology and creativity. So you know exactly which beat to play (and what to write) to captivate crowds and convert them into raving fans who can’t bloody wait to buy.

It’s time to knee-slide your killer brand under the spotlight, belt out your original sound, and attract dream clients like The Rolling Stones attract groupies. #weirdbutokay

All by rockin’ original words that sound and *feel* like you.

… So, when your ideal peeps get in touch? They’re already die-hard fans, and ready to part with their cold, hard cash.

3 Ways To Amplify
Your Brand’s Impact

Rockin’ Voice Guide

Let’s uncover your original and memorable tune, so your copy always sounds like you (no matter who’s behind the keys).

SEO Website Copywriting

Lethal Website Copy

Invite crowds in for a taste of your offer with an electrifying brew of SEO-optimised words that convert the right peeps into your service ticket holders

Launch Copywriting Graphic

Flamin’ Launch Copy

Here’s done-for-you launch copy that stage-dives your digital product into minds, inboxes and PayPal accounts everywhere (without selling out as someone you’re not).

Hey, I’m Dan

And just like Danny Zuko, I come bearing booze, leather jackets and hip thrusts. 

I’m a cat-obsessed drummer, brand voice strategist, and sassy li’l SEO, website and launch copywriter, dedicated to giving you the rockin’ tools and words you need to confidently knee-slide under the spotlight as the killer rock star of your business. From sound, to stadium, to stage-divin’ into a flamin’ launch. 

Lemme guess. You wanna position your brand as a standout original and the killer go-to in your industry. Not to mention grow a cult following of superfans who sing your praises (then buy your stuff). Buuut the words to getcha there have done a runner on your brain. Good news, Groovy Shoes: that’s where psychology, personality and strategy enter the party. AKA Readcity’s signature swig.

Consider me your band brand’s tour manager for all things captivating copywriting. Helping ya feel a little less scared of your weird and a lot more confident in your brand’s lyrics, rhythm and message.

Because no matter your stage of business, your rebellious brand deserves words that rock.

Danielle Read


Meet the Readcity Renegades, AKA killer clients

“Dan was able to magically pull together my thoughts, feelings, and wants into a handy voice guide. Not only is it my go-to resource for writing, it’s a treasured keepsake that paints a picture of who I am and reminds me of why I do what I do.”

“Somehow she understood my brand more than I did, and helped me find the words to really engage the pain points of my target audience. She went above and beyond with the entire project, providing even more than promised at every corner! Even supporting me through the entire process of my launch week.”

I couldn’t be happier with the results. Danielle went above and beyond to understand my brand and my customers and created copy that I know will make my customers smile. She was a dream to work with and so so so talented at what she does.

Obviously Dan is a rockstar, but boy oh boy did she go beyond anything I could have expected and more. The entire process was seamless, I already felt completely looked after even filling out the initial form! I felt heard, I felt empowered and everything I had been trying to articulate Dan took and turned it into gold.

“Danielle always meets the brief and submits her work on time, if not earlier, making her a breeze to work with. Her writing is witty, well-researched and thorough and I have no hesitation recommending her to future clients in search of written content.

“Working with Dan was such a fun and easy process. I found myself nodding along to the copy and wondering how she managed to pull all the blabber from my head and put it so eloquently!”

You’re never getting rid of me #sorrynotsorry. You’re so beyond talented it’s insane! I bloody love the way you research and get into the dream audience’s minds. It’s like you stand in their shoes, see through their eyes and feel with their soul, you truly understand what makes them tick and how to delicately intertwine their wants and needs to the brand’s offering through communicating problems and solutions that ooze mega brand personality and authenticity. I cannot even deal with how cool that is! I trust no one else with my words, forever, the end.”



Bump in your speakers and take a peek backstage at Readcity’s latest projects to see what’s possible.


You ask ‘em, I answer ‘em

Whether you’re just starting out, growing an established brand or stepping away from doing all the things, I offer copywriting packages for you at any stage of business. Ready to rock? Check ‘em out!

Sure can, rocket man! A little thing called the internizzle makes it super easy (and fun!) for us to work together wherever you are.

Readcity has renegades all over the world – Macau, London, France and California to name a few.

You = rock star!
Dan = brand tour manager!
Crowd = your killer audience!
Bar band = finding your sound (voice)
Opening act = finding your stage (website)
Headliner = selling to stadiums (launch copywriting)

As your brand’s tour manager, I rock your copy, so you can confidently knee-slide under the spotlight as the ultimate rock star of your brand.

I’m no rock star, you are! And together we’re one helluva duo.

Larry and Lemmy (Lemmy’s the cute one). They’re the two best friends that anyone could ever ask for and each gets a meat pie on their birthday. Larry is named after Larry Emdur (duh!) and Lemmy is named after Lemmy Kilmister. You can get to know them over on Instagram. Look me up – @readcity

Gold Coast, Australia. G’day, mate.

Please don’t ask me hard questions.


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