Product descriptions are a necessary element to any online store. But often they’re overlooked as the boring blurb under your imagery that no one actually looks at.

When in reality, product descriptions are your last chance to win over the heart of your new potential customer. So, making those words sparkle with delight is key.

Here we’ll take you through exactly how to write product descriptions and summon magnet-like clicks.

How To Write Product Descriptions

Of course, there are some basic elements to consider when writing product descriptions.

But if you’re ready to take these little wordy sections to the next level, we’ve got just the thing. In fact, we’ve got three key points for how to write product descriptions that don’t suck.

1. Use Emotive Language

Emotive language is the best kind. We reckon it’s the honey of words. Sticking wistful dream-filled thoughts with a longing for more of the good stuff.

When vegan accessory company Ethical Gallery asked us to write the product description for their Solara Tote, you can imagine our buzz.

We mean, this little baby is adorable, soft and perfect for all types of adventures… So, we knew we had to do it justice. With a product description that encapsulated all of the feels.

(Side note, it smells bloody amazing too – who would’ve thought).

Here’s what we came up with.

How to write product descriptions - Solara Tote Product Description - Readcity Writing


In this product description, we combined:

  • Emotive language
  • Some features
  • Unique qualities

This product description crafts sentences that encompass a getaway feel, not only explaining how you could use this bag but also giving you a longing for escape, holidays… Relaxation.

Much more effective than simply the second paragraph, don’t you think?

2. Benefits NOT Features

This point is a big one when learning how to write product descriptions. In fact, it’s the main area you’ll want to hone in on.

Often business owners focus on the features of a product, without truly thinking of about why someone might decide to purchase.

Let’s take a look at some features vs benefits examples to understand this more clearly.


  • Consumers aren’t buying electric windows and leather seat linings
  • They’re buying luxurious family road trips with comfort and style


  • You don’t decide to buy an iPhone for its screen and easy-to-push button
  • You buy connectivity to the world


  • You don’t hand over your hard earned cash for a unicorn’s cool horn
  • You buy magical friendship and fairy dust sprinkles to make all your problems go away

See the difference?

K-Rae Designs Product Description Experiment

K-Rae is an incredible letterer (seriously, go and check her out). Stocking a range of darn cute (and cheeky) greeting cards, K-Rae reached out and wrote to us about her struggles with writing product descriptions. Here’s what she said:

“I have no idea how to write a different product description for each of my greeting cards… ‘here’s a card for your birthday.’ Oh, ‘and here’s another card for your birthday.’ Should I have a different description for each card if they’re so similar?”

Yes, different product descriptions are key! Not only for SEO, but also for your potential customers.

A way of doing this is to think about the different types of people who will be buying these cards.

For example, the Frida card would attract a much different customer than a Star Wars card.

How to write product descriptions - K-Rae Designs Products - Readcity Writing

As a little experiment, we decided to revamp one of her products (there’s a video of this, too).

With so many beauties, it was hard to pick just one product!

But we settled on a Frida Kahlo card.

Here’s what it looked like before.

How to write product descriptions - Frida Kahlo Product Description - Readcity Writing


Looking at this page, we can see a heavy emphasis on features, rather than benefits.

Here’s what we came up with for the Frida product description.

Can you count how many times emotive language or benefits are mentioned?

“We’ve all got that friend. You know, the one that’s tucked in at nine and eats granola for brekky. They’re wildly magical on the inside but too often miss out on Margarita Mondays because #commitments and #morning run.


Be the person who grants them permission to live a little. Laugh a little louder, dress a little brighter. Bring out their inner kook… Because, let’s face it, we’ve all got one. And no one knows how to do that quite like Frida.”


If there were ever a day to party, it’s your birthday. Be the person who makes it happen.”

3. Include the Reader

Using pronouns like ‘you’ instantly involves the reader on a more intimate level. And when you’re wanting to know how to write product descriptions that convert, the reader is really important.

Avoid elusive, vague and information-focused copy in your product description. Of course, stick to the facts when writing your product’s features in a separate section. Just not in your description section!

Want a free 10-minute audit of one of your product descriptions? Get in touch to book in yours!


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