5 Clever Ways To Give Your Business Emails Personality



We all know the importance of a consistent brand voice – and that this doesn’t end with your voicemail greeting. Giving your business emails personality is something that every head honcho should be executing perfectly.

But one thing’s standing in the way.

There’s no questioning it – sending emails gobbles up precious time.

And if you’re like most business owners, that’s not something you’ve got bucket loads of.

You’re split between:

  • Reheating 3-hour old coffee
  • Answering twelve hundred and one phone calls
  • Trying not to miss your cat

So it’s understandable that email personality might not be number one on your list.  You slip back into that robot-esque tone (you know the one). It pulls you in like a magnet and then all of a sudden you’re all ‘ensure‘ this and ‘however‘ that.

How To Give Your Emails Personality

Don’t get us wrong, to-the-point information is important. But so is your business’s personality and reputation. We think you can have your cake and eat it too. Every. Last. Tasty. Word Bite.

Whether you’re replying to customers or automating killer email sequences, we believe you can make your audience still feel jazzed through e-letters.

Here are five clever ways to give your business’s emails personality.

1. Write A Snappy Subject Line

How on earth will anyone fully experience what your biz has to say if they don’t open your inbox candy? According to MailChimp, email open rates range from 17-26%. This depends on your industry. But, it’s pretty bloody important to note that open rates are solely reliant on your email’s subject (and what your recipient already thinks about your content).

So how can you write a killer subject line that actually makes people want clickety-click?

  • Personalise: Use Merge Tags
  • Playful Extras: Don’t be afraid of emojis*
  • Be Cheeky: Leave your recipient hungry for more

*According to a report by Experian cited by Campaign Monitor, 56% of brands using emojis in their subject lines have a higher unique open rate.

Justin Blackman from Pretty Fly Copy always ropes us right in with his spiffy subject lines. And, spoiler alert: his emails are always spilling with cold hard VALUE. His email’s personality is authentic and true to his brand. Plus, he just seems like a legend.

Email marketing - Blackman Give Emails Perosnality - Readcity Writing

And we’ve got a big marshmallow-y soft spot for Tess from Smack Bang Designs. On a side note: Sign up for SBD’s email list if you’re wanting ripper examples of how to multipurpose content.

Email marketing - Smack Bang Designs Give Emails Personality - Readcity Writing

2. Craft An Inviting Opening Line

Yes, you’re busy. But you’re also running a big ol’ business too, yo!

And even if you’ve basically got roller skates on because you’re zooming about so gosh darn much… Your email recipient doesn’t need, nor want to hear about that. But what they would like is a little insight into your life (where appropriate). Small talk that’s actually worth listening to.

Check out this witty intro from our lady Yiota. This was the first line of our first ever email from Ola Digital, and was she already all over giving her emails personality? You betcha. Did we fall head over heels for this lass? Um, yas we did. Do you think it beats a ‘how are you, I’m good?’ Yu-huh.

Email marketing - Yiota Ola Digital Email Personality - Readcity Writing

3. Inject Your Sassy Goodness

Maybe it’s the copywriters inside of us (not literally, no bebes plz), but for every email we send, we draft, re-write and edit. Yep, it’s time-consuming. But it’s pretty effective too.

We assess whether the email will be memorable and if the person on the other end will feel important.

Okay, not all emails will be memorable. For us, some will involve submitting work. Requesting more information. Confirming we’ve received a product safely. BUT. That doesn’t mean you can’t have a little bit of fun with it.

So how can you take your email sass next level?

  • Be a little off-kilter (shock or amaze)
  • Use GIFS (magic for adults)
  • Add some of your you-ness (quirks and mannerisms unique to your brand)

We’re pretty obsessed with Brooke from Villa Management (check out our interview with the dynamite girl). And her personality-packed emails are epic, to say the least. Here’s an excerpt which is so Brooke, it out-Brooke’d Brooke.

Email marketing - Brooke Villa Management Give Emails Personality - Readcity Writing

4. Interesting Sign-Offs

‘Sincerely yours’ is so formal. ‘Best’ is sweet. ‘Warm regards’ sounds like you’re 93 years old.

Mix up your sign off and have a little fun (where appropriate). Giving your business emails personality with a little playfulness never hurt anyone. But it might have led to a few giggles in the office.

Here are some of our faves we’ve sent over the past few months:

  • Is it go-and-eat-two-wheels-of-cheese-by-the-beach o’clock yet?
  • You’re the Prosecco to my strawberry
  • Dancing in the dark is underrated
  • So much wisdom, so little time (our out of office email when Danielle got her wisdom teeth out).
  • Wishing you an afternoon of cheersing champagne in the sunshine and a little butterfly landing on your shoulder
  • Here’s to blooming wildflowers whispering you compliments like ‘great ‘brows’

If you want more sign-off inspo, Justin at Pretty Fly Copy has a killer list of ’em.

5. Be Consistent

Are you a hilarious beast on Instagram? Is your website scattered with cute little jokes? Then continue this through everything else your business does. Giving your emails personality is just an extension of your overall branding.

Maybe you’re more professional. Succinct. Inspiring. Make your audience feel the same way with each interaction they have with your brand.  It’s that feeling that will leave them coming back for more.


Want more inspiration for your emails? Download our free email marketing funnel

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