Imagine if you could find killer words for your brand as easily as a bass player finds excuses for a break…

If they flowed intentionally, consistently and sounded like you – every time.

When you’re asked about your brand, usually you do pretty well explaining it. But translating it all to written words? Well, that’s a whole other story.

And you’re starting to wonder if anyone will take your brand seriously… Because your messaging, voice and written content are all jumbled up.

Let’s fill your brand’s lungs then belt out a killer voice that seriously rocks.

What if it was easy to find words that sound and feel like you? Words that communicate your values, get your audience excited and connect with your ideal crowd…?

It’s closer than you think! To develop a brand voice worth shouting about, all you need is a little brand work, a few tools and a Word Witch.

We’re not in Kansas any more, Toto.

Meet Danielle Read - Readcity

Hi, I’m Dan


Readcity Founder
  • Copywriter
  • Drummer
  • ’70s Enthusiast

I love words. Like chicken wings love ranch. Like disco balls love dance. Like old people love having dinner at 4pm and weird tea towels. That kind of love.

Wanna know what gets me jazzed? Breaking word rules, finding your magic and giving your brand the voice of a songbird.


No one ever wakes up one day light years from where they’re supposed to be. It’s a succession of small steps tiptoeing in the wrong direction — then suddenly the horizon’s gone and you realise those toe tips all add up. That’s kinda how growing my business felt.


I’d thrown in my job as an Acquired Brain Injury Specialist after studying Psychology to start my own business — Readcity Writing. Long story short, I’d grown my Copywriting team to 5 and was on the way to building an Agency. Office, team, water cooler — Agency.


Why? Because I thought that was success. But it’s not what I wanted. It’s what I thought was expected. And because of it? I’d built a brand that didn’t feel true to me. That’s when I realised other creatives may feel the same too.


So I shifted. I moonwalked instead of tiptoeing. The biggest change? I stopped building a brand that was trying to be something I wasn’t. Now it’s my job to help creatives like you build brand voices that feel and sound like you — the real you.

I’ve dedicated my days to finessing the craft of unlocking your rockin’ brand voice, then teaching you how to use it.

It’s Readcity’s mission to give a voice to creative industries


Business need not be boring. I strive to bring joy to your life and project.

My secret weapon to getting to know your brand best is upping the fun-o-meter (shh…).


Ever worked with a creative whose kinda left you hanging? Me too.

That’s why I make sure you know what’s coming next every step of the way. Oh, and I’ll probably send you weird links and things that remind me of you long after our project’s finito.


Magic in ideas (AKA noggin sparklers) is kind of my favourite thing in the world.

My jam? Uncovering your brand’s epic stories then sharing them in new ways.


I get to know you much like your hairdresser or barman (just times 300).

I deliver every concept, write every word and celebrate every one of your wins. You and I become pretty chummy across voice notes, video calls and recordings, no matter where you’re located.


Ready to start rocking your brand’s own 100% original voice?
Get in touch today and I’ll return with a hoi-hoi ASAP!

Trusted Partners

Here at Readcity, I work alongside trusted partners, so you can pick up things you need – all from the one place. 

Karen Vivarelli

Karen Vivarelli

Sorcerer of Systems

Online Business Manager
Every strong brand has a strong set of systems behind it. Karen organises all of yours.
LIKES: Random acts of kindness and picnics.
DISLIKES: Rude people.

Claire McKeen

Claire McKeen

Magician of Marketing

Marketing Consultant
From traditional to digital, Claire’s our go-to for all your marketing needs.
LIKES: Black coffee and new stationery.
DISLIKES: Bananas.
WEEKENDS ARE FOR: Watching sunsets.
Yiota Athousis

Yiota Athousis

Wizard of Web

Website Designer
If you need a website, you need a Yiota, for all things tech.
LIKES: That first slice of cheesy pizza.
DISLIKES: The feeling of flannelette sheets. 
WEEKENDS ARE FOR: All the comfort food.

Ready to belt out your new brand voice?


Is your brand a crooner, groover or extra good mover?

Warning: Excellent playlist coming soon to a loungeroom jig fest near you.